Where We Work


1105 Schrock Road
Ste. 505
Columbus, Ohio 43229
(614) 341-7700


4415 Euclid Avenue
Ste. 301
Cleveland, Ohio 44103
(216) 541-5915


1715 Indian Wood Circle
Ste. 233
Maumee, Ohio 43537


10945 Reed Hartman Hwy,
Ste. 122
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
(513) 791-2412

icon-o CHA Officeicon-c CHA-Sponsored In-Home Child Care Programsicon-a CHA-Sponsered Afterschool Programs
icon-s Support for School-Based Child Nutrition Programs, Afterschool Snack and Meal Programs, and Summer Meal Programs

Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Shannon Amos Senior Director of Programs samos@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8042
Mary Beth Atchison Director, Finance and Accounting mbatchison@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8049
Gail Belair Director, Employee & Program Support gbelair@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8050
Thomas Ben School & Summer Nutrition Manager tben@childrenshungeralliance.org 513-587-3973
Kelsey Burkett Afterschool Nutrition Date & Project Coordinator kburkett@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8060
Lisa Carlson Director, Early Childhood Nutrition & Education carlson@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8039
Laura Cordero Afterschool Specialist lcordero@childrenshungersalliance.org 216-313-9375
Madison Corna Office Manager mcorna@childrenshungersalliance.org 614-643-8057
Teresa Crabtree EC Field Representative tcrabtree@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8013
Karen Dorman ECNE Project Manager kdorman@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8045
Kevin Dorsey Data Systems Specialist kdorsey@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8002
Adrienne Galloway Special Events Manager agalloway@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8020
Beth Griffin Senior Director, Development egriffin@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8011
Maribel Guerra EC Field Representative mguerra@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8043
James Harter Regional Director, Northern Ohio jharter@childrenshungeralliance.org 419-386-2399
Michelle Hoffman Coordinator, Nutrition & Education mhoffman@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8024
Rick Jardiolin Director, Marketing & Communications rjardiolin@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8010
Molly Kaiser Coordinator, Nutrition & Physical Education mkaiser@childrenshungeralliance.org 513-729-7809
Joy Kouns-Lewis Vice President, Human Resources and Risk jkounslewis@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8059
Mary Lantz EC Field Representative mlantz@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8038
Kayla Lindimore Staff Accountant klindimore@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8017
Carol Looman Regional Manager, ECNE Field Operations North clooman@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8008
Lacey Lykins Office Manager llykins@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8057
Jeff Majarian Data Systems Specialist jmarjarian@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8001
Kelley Malcolm Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations kmalcolm@childrenshungeralliance.org 216-313-9362
Stella Marshall Director of Childcare Centers stellamarshall@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8012
Judy Mobley President and CEO jmobley@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8025
Lauren Molls Nutrition Education and Physical Activity Coordinator molls@childrenshungeralliance.org 216-313-9372
Josh Montgomery Director, Southwest Ohio jmontgomery@childrenshungeralliance.org 513-632-5278
Scott Neely Director, Government Affairs sneely@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8005
Jess Newland Manager, ECNE Data Systems jnewland@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8004
Meg Olds Afterschool Data Analyst molds@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8018
Rick Oxley Manager, School & Summer Nutrition roxley@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8054
Casey Petit Afterschool Nutrition & Education Specialist cpetit@childrenshungeralliance.org 513-632-5279
Laura Poland Director of Nutrition Education & Physical Activity lpoland@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8023
Sonja Powell SSN Manager spowell@childrenshungeralliance.org 740-249-1179
Lola Reyes Compliance & Childcare Center Specialist lreyes@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8035
Ashley Roudebush Afterschool Nutrition & Education Specialist aroudebush@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8036
Teri Scholl Data Specialist /Online Training Specialist tscholl@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8003
Charisse Scott EC Field Representative cscott@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8051
Sierra Shoemaker CACFP Specialist sshoemaker@childrenshungeralliance.org 419-469-6934
Kathryn Stephens Vice President, Development kstephens@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8040
Alohna Warren Sr. Director, Data, Quality & Compliance awarren@childrenshungeralliance.org 614-643-8022
Gail Wilson School & Summer Nutrition Manager gwilson@childrenshungeralliance.org 216-592-8460